Also try the complaints service via e-mail : AnimeIndo

Use Akulaku to Whatsapp  Call Center for customer complaints

Akulaku, a platform for financial services companies where quality has gone global, will certainly provide an Akulaku call center  that customers can contact when they encounter problems or want to make various complaints. The goal is that Akulaku can always make good and transparent contact with its customers.

Akulaku opens up opportunities for you to be able to do online shopping activities using credit services. In fact, you can  also shop in installments and provide cash loans that are very flexible. Thus, Akulaku’s presence  here is intended to make life easier for its customers when making various transactions.

Some of the facilities  offered  by Akulaku include the purchase of credit, then the purchase of internet quotas and data packages, payment of BPJS bills, PDAM and also PLN, and even the purchase of airline tickets. All payment activities and purchases can be done on credit and you can even take out a loan.

Unfortunately, in the service of Akulaku, of course, not all customers feel satisfied. For this reason, Akulaku offers  several Akulaku call center channels so that customers can freely contact their party at any time. Here are some ways customers can submit complaints and questions through the call center.

Convey your complaint through customer service

One of the channels you can contact to submit questions or get information is by contacting Akulaku customer service. You have unlimited access to this CS service, which lasts 24 hours. Not only that, but free calls can also be obtained.

If you would like to contact Akulaku staff through this method,  you can  contact them through the Akulaku call center at 1500920. Through this number you can  submit various questions and complaints regarding terms and credit in Akulaku.   You can also transfer various other obstacles.

The method of submitting customer complaints and inquiries is considered more effective through this call center. Because in addition to the service that runs 24 hours,  through this CS you also make direct contact with Akulaku employees who are competent and have the knowledge to solve your problems quickly.

While it’s not as simple as live chat, the Akulaku call center can  provide direct answers clearly and directly to customers so customers don’t have to get confused to get solutions in every obstacle they face. Customers are free to ask questions for an indefinite period of time as long as this is in accordance with the procedure for submitting complaints.

Also try the complaints service via e-mail

In addition to being able to submit complaints and questions regarding Akulaku through the call center, you can  also do so through other platforms or media. One of the most commonly used media to file complaints is through akulaku’s official email. Here you can  easily express what you want to convey.

The email address you’re going to is on This method has always been the most common way of communicating. You just need to create an email as usual with the subject “Complaint” or “Question about ….” and start filling in the body of the email with the thing you want to convey to Akulaku.

Unfortunately, there are drawbacks to this channel if you want to use it as a medium for submitting complaints or submitting questions. Unlike the Akulaku call center, which tends to respond quickly, it takes a long time via email to get answers from Akulaku’s staff or employees.

This is because email is not a medium that opens at all times compared to call centers, so there’s a possibility that it will take a long time. Even if you have received a response, the staff will  usually  refer you to the CS department or other social media to respond more quickly.

Whatsapp As complaint Media yang Easy da simple

There is also another medium that is much simpler and easier to use to ask questions and channel complaints in addition to the Akulaku call center   and email, which is WhatsApp. As a very popular messaging medium, WhatsApp is certainly a friend for almost anyone in the world to exchange messages and information.

That is why Akulaku also uses the popularity of these media to be able to connect with his customers more flexibly and freely. Although you use WhatsApp media, the messages  you send are not fully answered by the Akulaku chatbot. Thanks to this method, you can  still be in direct contact with Akulaku employees.’

As with the use of the Akulaku call center, you can also freely express your various questions and complaints via WhatsApp   via this live chat.   You just need to send a chat with what you want to convey clearly. Don’t forget to bring proof of the complaint so that it can be processed immediately.

When filing complaints, make sure you use clear, concise, easy-to-understand language and not use language that is not understood. Plain language makes it easier for Akulaku employees  to understand the natural problem and immediately find the solution you need. Be patient in waiting for the response of the Akulaku staff.

The WhatsApp connection number that can be contacted is located on the 081113508161 number. To get an answer from Akulaku’s side, you have  to  be patient, because it takes a while. Be sure to  ask questions in a language that is easy for staff to understand.

Come directly to Akulaku’s Office agar Clearer

The last option that can be done if you have a lot of important questions or complaints that you want to file is to go directly to akulaku’s  office  . Using  the Akulaku call center or WhatsApp is free, but it takes time to get a response and solution to various problems.

If you want a quick and clear response, you can  immediately come to the office and talk to the officer there. Unfortunately, this may sound a bit tricky. A visit to  the Akulaku office can only be done for clients living in the Jabodetabek area, as the distance is still affordable.

Unlike customers whose place of residence is far from the territory, it will certainly be difficult. Not to mention the cost that required more. For this reason, it is recommended for customers to make earlier use of the media  provided  by Akulaku to make it easier to submit your questions and complaints and problems.

You can also take advantage of the help center in the Akulaku application. Here you can  give any feedback you want. The first step that needs to be done is to download the Akulaku application on your phone and then log into the application. Look for the feedback icon and you can send feedback.

It is quite easy to contact Akulaku, even though he did not go directly to Akulaku’s office. Along with the development of technology, anything can be done online or over the phone. Although there are currently no more varied channels besides WhatsApp, Akulaku can  still meet the needs of customers who need solutions.

If you want to contact Akulaku, all you have  to do is make a choice whether you want to use the call center, via live chat on WhatsApp or via a message sent via official email. All the methods  you can  try depending on your own comfort, including the Akulaku call center which is quite effective.

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