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The benefits of using bank Mega Credit cards and its types

 As a private bank in Indonesia, Bank Mega also offers credit card facilities aimed at making shopping convenient for customers.

Credit cards themselves seem to have become a lifestyle for most Indonesians considering there are many benefits that can be felt.You shop for what you need For this reason, many people want to use credit cards for daily payments.

 For those who want to make a transaction using a bank Mega credit card, there is no doubt that having a credit card like this is like obtaining a loan that can be paid monthly by later users.

Each bank has different rules regarding the application for making a credit card, including Bank Mega.Hence the credit card from Bank Mega in this review (CC) We will provide information on services and  for those who want to try  to download using a bank Mega credit card, let’s first look at the full discussion here.

The benefits of using Bank Mega Credit cards

Purchasing credit in this way with credit has many benefits for its users, one of which is that Bank Mega is due to partner merchants for customers using credit cards When shopping, special deals and prices are often discounted, and these benefits are guaranteed to you who want to shop at a shopping mall.

Not only that, but Cisse Mo which provides convenience for customers when Bank Mega wants to check operations and costs The following are some of the benefits of using a bank Mega credit card:

  1. Migabil

Make it easy to pay regular monthly bills, such as monthly Internet / WiFi bills. Credit provides electricity, water, TVvehicle E, BPJS and  monthly  billsTo ensure that there will be no delays that cause fines because it will automatically be paid via a single card. Because of this advantage, it is time-consuming and pragmatic and will also be achieved from mega rewards.

  1. Mega Rewards Point

After using the bank Mega credit card you also deserve to get Mega Redward Points. Score 1 point for every purchase worth 250 IDRs with this credit card The points successfully collected are later shopped at Metro, Carifa, Coffee Bean, Robbins and other factors The Bible says: “The whole world is lying in the power of the e

  1. Mega Top Up

Customers can also enjoy the benefits of the Mega Top Up plant, which is to raise debt paid in advance by automotive debt. but for those who want to enjoy this feature call Centers 15,000 10 (PSTN) so you can first register through 600 10 (HP).

Bank Mega Credit Cred

If you are interested in using a bank Mega credit card , first know which product is the most appropriate and most appropriate in accordance with your salary. Here are at least three million salaries and some types of CC Bank Mega suitable for customers.

  1. Gold Card

Requirements to apply for a Mega Go card must be at least 21 years old and have at least three million entries a month. Mega Gold Card is suitable for those who want to use a credit card for the first time with a limit of up to Rp. 2 million.

  1. Platinum card

There is also the Cc Mega Platinum Card category, which is limited to RP 10 million, but the situation must be at least 5 million revenues a month, recommended for those who like to shop and travel.

  1. Travel Card

This credit card is suitable for people who want to travel by plane because you can enjoy a variety of free facilities to more than 800 airport lounges in Indonesia and abroad.

  1. Transmart

Do you enjoy shopping for Transmart or Carrefour? you’ll get a 10 per cent discount and supermarket It’s really compulsory to have a credit card here because you’ll enjoy various attractive deals from the two cakes.

  1. Money Card

In addition to the Mega Gold Card, you can also choose this type of credit card with unattractive offers: travel and travel packages, plane tickets, hotel dealerships and many others.

Choosing the right type of credit card

Make sure that using a bank Mega credit card is actually used for your needs, not just for models, and since this payment system is like being in debt, you also have to choose the type of credit card that matches your ability to pay later.

A loan is set according to the chosen type of CC, which means you are obliged each month to make payments according to subsidies, along with compulsory annual contributions, and new users do not care about these sorts of things as long as CC is used.

Also, choose the type of credit card that suits your capacity and needs, for example, for those who want to use a regular monthly shopping spree, you can choose a Gold Mega Card or Silver Mega card from scratch.

Tips for using bank Mega Credit Cards  safely

Using a credit card is not a hundred percent guarantee to be secure because security is also up to the user themselves; for this reason, focus on the following important tips to be safe in using Mega credit cards:

  1. Online shopping on reliable websites

Do not accidentally shop online, especially if you are asked for personal information related to credit cards. Your credit card information may have been stolen by an individual unless it indicates no high level of confidentiality / security.

  1. Don’t switch using Public WiFi

For security reasons, avoid transferring credit cards using free Wi-Fi, avoid using free Wi-Fi, such activities are very dangerous and can cause abuse by hackers.

  1. Not that mobile phones have stored card numbers

In addition, your phone should not store important information relating to credit card information, imagine if the phone is lost, and then you do not rule out the possibility that it could be abused by others who want to favor you.

  1. Beware of fake emails

It’s not uncommon for CC users to get an email asking them to provide information about the credit card.It’s more careful, which emails are lawful It is best to identify which emails are logged in and which are not.CC numbers are confidential, particularly both of which are used by another party including Mega Bank Passwords that must not be notified.

Are you planning to use or plan to use acredit card? In fact, more and more people are willing to use credit cards recently because of the ease with which credit cards are paid. Make sure you choose the right credit card so you can comfortably use  bank mega credit cards comfortably, securely and without any obstacles to bank mega credit cards.

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