Because of this, there are four  BCA call centers ready to carry out all the problems : Kitaswara

These are 4 BCA call centers with 24 active hours.

If there are problems when using BCA bank products, there are 4 24-hour active BCA call centers to help you find solutions. Because obstacles must be reported to the call center immediately, since all solutions to all obstacles in transactions can only be handled by the call center.

Since the coronavirus epidemic in Indonesia, BCA branches in many cities have implemented social restrictions Thus, the bank’s operating hours must be cut off, and the number of consumers arriving at the branch office is limited.

Therefore, it is recommended that you contact the BCA Bank’s call center, and after contacting the call center service, you will no longer have to go to the nearest branch office to report any experienced problems.

Call centre operations and roles for Bank BCA

The role of the call centre for Bank BCA is quite important.In addition to answering and positioning comments and suggestions from consumers, Bank B This integrated information service from CA also has an additional role.First, the call center is dealing with products stored at Bank BCA potential customers have been tasked with notifying them.


There are many products deposited in bank BCA, from Tahapan Akspreci for young people to Tahapan Bajanca for adults. The Central Information Service at the BCA also carries out its responsibilities as Telemarket to find new customers interested in opening a credit card.


Calling centers often tell you the benefits and needs needed  to open credit cards, so there are four BCA call centers that the BBCA is also working as a telemarketer to offer credit card products.


Third, you can also contact the Information Services Department at BankBCA and find details about savings and loan products such as vehicle loans (KKB), unsecured loans (KTA).


Fourth, the integrated information center service from Bank BCA can be contacted to find out about products from BCA Sciaria. Ah is administered under Islamic Economic Law, so Syare’i can choose the more considered BCA Syariah and has a legal license from the government.

Here are 4 full hours of BCA call centres ready to help all consumers complain

To maintain customer convenience, the combined message that Bank BCA is ready to provide you with a full 24 hours It provides an information center service, so you can still communicate with the service when the transactions are inhibited.

Bank BCA provides four combined information center services that are equally active for a full 24 hours. So you can choose one of these four BCA call centers. You can contact all services from Bank BCA to help solve problems. Accuracy in handling the problems you face is different for each call center service.

Because of this, there are four  BCA call centers ready to carry out all the problems facing them:

  1. Interactive Phone

First, BankBCA provides a call center via interactive telephone, usually by consumers with emergency problems by telephone They may make calls via interactive telephone because the solution provided by the call center is faster than other media.


  1. Social Media

Second, the Becca call center is also available on social media.You can contact the BCA call center via @halobca (Twitter) via live information (DM).


  1. Official website

Third, you can submit a complaint or question via the official website of BankBCA. Here you can ask questions and F The answer can be obtained immediately from the customer service, so BankBCA is sufficient to ask about products or help you overcome obstacles.


  1. Email

Here are the latest 4BCA call centres widely used by consumers: Bank the BCA call center via email It can be used as a choice to submit complaints or complaints about the products of the product. An email can be sent directly to

Frequent complaints encountered by Bca Bank users

In fact, any complaints experienced by bank BCA consumers during transactions are immediately via the official call centre It must be judged: because only the official call centre from the Bank BCA can deal with complaints experienced by consumers.


So you no longer need to come to the nearest BCA branch to settle complaints or open a new savings account; you only need to contact one of the 4 official integrated information services managed by Bank BCA.


There are many complaints that can be handled through a call center by the Bank BCA: first, when you run into problems when you fall into debt or fall into debt, you are advised to report it immediately to the call center.


Officials at BankBCA will then help them examine and discover solutions to the problems they have encountered: Here are four BCA call centers that play a role in helping solve problems in commerce .


Second, when you want to block an account for losing an ATM card or misusing your credit card. So you don’t need to come to the nearest branch office to block credit card accounts.


And third, when you don’t get the benefits of the Bank BCA stored Promos,  here’s the ba that helps explain the benefits of promos provided by the BCA In addition, the call center will explain the reasons related to the lack of promo benefits provided by Bank BCA.


Here’s how to connect with the BCA call center

It’s very easy for consumers to connect with BCA call centers. If you want to contact the BCA call center via an interactive telephone, you can contact them via 1500888 smartphone or via a smartphone.


If you want to communicate via social media, you only need to sen @halobca d a direct message on your account (DM) via direct message (DM). If you would welcome further information or would like to have someone call to conduct a free Bible study with you please visit immediately.


Then select a website or whatsapp list. Now you can contact the BCA call center via whatsapp application. Here’s the product information There are 4 BCA call centers frequently accessed by consumers when they are experiencing problems just  commercializing or searching.


BCA is one of the largest private banks in Indonesia.BCA is comfortable with customer confidence In order to maintain relief, you provide centralized services that call to help you when enforced in transactions.

In addition, the call center is also responsible for providing information and telemarketing products from the BCA. There are four call centers that can communicate with sites and emails, here are four BCA call centers that often communicate with bank BCA customers.

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