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Recommended Recipe for the Most Delicious West Cake Java Combro Cake


Making a common cake combro cake freely is not a hard thing to do even for ordinary people. You don’t have to learn the course first because so many people taught it in a downsize way. In addition, there are already many menus that can be imitated online.


Combro itself is a preparation from cassava with various fillings, where a version of Sundanese has its own characteristics. So far, there are actually many such versions from Central Java where it seems to be sweet. You can make the original version with a savory flavor, consistent pepper flavor or a savory flavor.


Original West Java Combro Cake Recipe


As for the preparation of Sundanese combro, it is indistinguishable from using oncom as a filler. This part one was actually formed through a fermentation process which is more or less the same as in tempeh. But here the things that would be done are different, it can be in the form of coconut sauce, cassava restaurant, looska and so on.


Making different filling products west The Javanese combro cake recipe itself requires the struggle because the halsano process is a complicated matter. Later all the stool particles that will be added as oncom will be mixed with yeast. The production process is still the same even since the 17th century when it was first created.


Meanwhile, to make the original combro or sundanese name comro, you can first prepare external ingredients like cassava and coconut that are not first old. A few tablespoons of salt and cooking oil are also prepared. Don’t forget to include those characteristic of various Sundanese preparations.


Then the filling of the western java combro food cake in the form of this Comro can consist of the base and white, salt, powdered sauce, pepper and mashed oncom. In addition, it is recommended to add leaves and babies on a bicycle. It is aimed at removing the non-neutral scents produced from oncom.


In the cooking process, we must first mix the outside with the spices being accelerated. You should remember about the right dose, don’t make it too heavy because it will be added to the filling. In the process of making a filling, just mash the oncom up even and mix different other ingredients with filling only.


Combro Preparation Using Special Equipment


In addition to using a version of the original, it is definitely more interesting when added with various tools of its own as bitter anchovies. Here we will only sort that filling so that the external disc can use the standard version. So, prepare important ingredients like kasava, potatoes, shafan coconut, chilli and chives.


Then to make the filling in the west of this javanese combro food cake,  we need oncom, anchovies, bay leaf, brown sugar and coconut milk. For the following, try to simply make it neat so simply mix it with the other filling. On top of that, it is also recommended to use extra basil leaves to smell better.


The most important thing to mention here is actually in the processing of anchovies where it should not produce a stronger fishing smell. Thus it is mandatory to use extra basil leaf or orange leaves. A special preparation to supplement the use of anchovies can use the cheese because it is popularly used in various substitute combinations at best.


Later the use of raw materials is further modified so that the cheese flavor so that we add cassava and potatoes as mainly as it is highlighted. Other tools needed to prepare this particular list include cheese, old-timed stewed coconut, leeks, chili, grilled, sugar, coconut milk and fresh cooking oil.


In order for the flavor to still have its own Sundanese flavor, it can be added with basil leaves to make the aroma more palatable. The piece itself can be inserted or as a self-virus on its own can be. This is the benefit of using cheese where its use is flexible, it can even be used as a deliciously sweet can.


West Java Combro Cake Recipe dari Egg


In addition to the only filling coming up, it turns out you can add an egg to the balado as the best ingredient so the combro flavor is more delicious. Here you need to buy cassava, crowned coconut, salt, foliage and oil first. To keep the taste good, do not use the oil used because it can be mixed with a different flavor.


Among other things that are being picked up, it is important to pay attention to how to make or mix fried eggs with biscuit eggs. Both things should be mixed with orange leaves, bay leaves or basil leaves because the aroma and flavor are not bothersome.


Especially in addition to onions and garlic, salt and sugar. He must have tasted a lot of naaqus. In addition to normal eggs you can use a salty egg. Of course, the ingredients are still the same, namely cassava, coconut-themed, salt and leeks.


Making cake combro cake recipes the standard cake cake for salty eggs in west java you  need to also prepare fried eggs, salt eggs and sugar. To add sweetness, also add onions and garlic and onions. You can grab this pumpkin in your taste but more pleasant and pepper-friendly.


Salty and mixed eggs must be crushed until it becomes completely one. Don’t forget to add a second time and make the fragrance, the smell and the taste rich. It is highly recommended when adding orange leaves or basil leaves. The Taste of Combro is guaranteed to be even different and unusual and distinct from the original version alone.


Sweet iyo Savory Buuxinta Buuxinta NIDDA RECIPE


If you’ve tried the original one and the peppery one, this time it’s your turn to make the ingredients until it tastes delicious. First you can prepare a crown cassava and remove the water, the coconut and the salt that has been ingturned. Here we need a white egg like onto the sisinta sisinta so that it does not happen because in fact the main light is the sisinta.


To fill it, it’s essential to prepare the folded coconut, the feathered leaves and the brown sugar beforehand. The sugar in the brown, try to really feel flat before putting it to melt easily. So that the pass leaves itself, use the ones that aren’t too old so that the color doesn’t interfere and the taste doesn’t turn bitter.


To do it inside, it should not be removed quickly because the sight leaves are only used for their aroma. So you have to boil the filling before you put the dough in. For a shirt shape of pastry and apply it to the sising, then the recipe for the classic West Javanese cake combro cake is ready to be pickled.


This sticky approach should be considered not to allow the outside to look brown but it turns out that the inside is still raw. This is very, very rare at the same time that you are making other meals, namely Misro. In fact, it’s not much different from the content until and because it uses cassava, coffeed coconut and salt as an extended flavor.


This delicious West Javanese combro cake recipe definitely needs brown sugar like a filling and the bags to make it easy to melt when fried. Perhaps Comro and misro are the most popular menus for combro variations by the Sundanese. So, if you examine the roads it should be easiest to find.


Keep in mind when making another, don’t let the melting sugar melt until it’s out, so it should be prevented by making a strong dough. Later we’re going to pad it as long as it’s browning out and it’s fine if still warm. In Misro you can serve friends or family more often than coffee or warm tea.


If you look at all the menus processed above, it’s not wrong if the world’s beginners in cooking master bika are easy. Moreover, the ingredients do not need to be specialized but can try to create things on their own. If you want to imry what is definitely successful, just follow the recipe for west Javanese combro cakes .

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