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Realme Service Center has a Callme service

The Realme service center has a callme service which is one of the flagship products that this Chinese manufacturer is trying to present. Interestingly, almost any product can be served, ranging from mobile phones to smart TVs. This is done in order to avoid contracting the Corona virus.

In addition, the Callme installation makes it easier for everyone, especially for those who are busy and do not have time to come directly to the checkpoint. In fact, buying a smartphone of choice can also be made from here. The method is quite easy and simple.

Just go to their website and then choose a product. Next, select a payment method. There is a full payment on delivery, bank transfer, to payment by credit card. Then the goods will be delivered by a courier service depending on the destination address. So, make sure the address is correct and complete.

Realme Service Center there is a callme service that will come to the house, briefly check what are the complaints of the smartphone. If it is serious, it will be taken to the office. But, if it can be repaired on the spot. So, it’s done immediately even if it takes time. Take it easy, when the mobile phone is brought.

Everything can be tracked thanks to state-of-the-art technology that you can do yourself at home. Usually, there will be a specific direction before the technician leaves the premises. How to follow until its development. Thus, every customer can be reassured and wait for the manufacturing process without worry.

First request a Callme

The Realme Service Center has a call service that makes it easier for everyone to get repairs without having to go to the office. Yet, previously, each client was required to submit a request in advance. How to make the request, you can contact 22356666. However, before the phone, prepare the requirements first.

First of all, every user needs to know the IMEI number of the mobile phone. The method is actually easy, just tap Open in the settings menu. Then, select About Phone. There, there will be complete information of your device. Find Imei’s name then registered. Or press the *#06# key.

Just wait a few minutes then, the required number will appear immediately. After that, prepare a memorandum because, the date of purchase must also be included in the application. The model or type of your mobile phone. Next, the details of the damage to the phone. Try to tell it in full and in detail.

In this way, the Realme service center has a callme service , little aware of the complaint. The second step, each customer will be asked for a home address or a pick-up location for their mobile phone. If indeed you are busy and more often in the office. There is nothing wrong with simply passing on this address.

The pick-up time depends on where it is located. Whether far or near. It is just that, after the process, the application was seized and served. It will be processed immediately and technicians will visit the site. The maximum time required is 48 hours. However, many cases are at most 10 hours after receipt of the report.

Conduct a comprehensive damage review

The next step of the Realme service center in the callme service is to check. Usually, before coming, the technician will tell you when and the estimated time. Because this plug is not just a place. This way, you can prepare your phone before it is repaired.

Such as, back up important data for example, photos or maybe documents. Because, during the inspection, some data will be deleted. This is beyond Realme’s authority. The notification will also be given by the technician before performing the inspection or being taken to the office.

This missing data is due to the fact that some components are undergoing repairs. Or a reset is performed. Interestingly, each technician will provide evidence in the form of photos regarding damage to the mobile phone. It is usually accompanied by the cause, why did it get to this point. Then, how to repair until prevention so that it is no longer like that.

The Realme Service Center has a callme service that will also provide pricing details if you really need a component change. Yes, the warranty will always be checked first if it is feasible or not. They will also confirm the amount of the payment. If it is tested, it will be done.

Once completed, the technician will confirm to the customer. They make deliveries based on the pickup address. If there is a change, you can simply confirm it to the Callme service. Try to keep the delivery location clear, usually it takes about 24 hours after confirmation.

How to Do a Phone Repair Check

The Realme Service Center has a call service providing telephone support services. This way, you can check, including, when the mobile phone is being repaired. The time from 7 days to 10 days is indeed not a short time. In addition, mobile phones have become mandatory devices for everyday life.

However, please note that the phone of this service cannot be arbitrary. Because it is not yet available 24 hours a day. You can contact us every Monday to Sunday. The time is from 9am to 6pm. Especially on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, public holidays are scheduled from 8am to 5pm.

There is also another way to connect to the realme service center, there is a callme service , namely open their website and then click on the chat service. Or open all social media on facebook, instagram, youtube, to twitter or bia also email, it will definitely be answered even if it takes time.

On the website, you were also briefly told how to handle it properly if the phone has a problem. Since, Realme is off and it is difficult to turn it on, it has been tried several times. Just force the start, namely, press and hold the speaker button (+) and power for 30 seconds.

If that didn’t work, try charging it first for 30 minutes to 60 minutes. Then, repeat the forced startup. No need to panic because, this step will not make all the data disappear from the phone. Bring it to the repair center if, this step has not yet made the phone live.

Solving personal problems and how to do it

In addition, the realme service center has a callme service that also provides advice when the phone suddenly turns off. There are several things that need to be taken into account, such as, seeing if power is blocked or not. Also try to see if there is an app that makes it turn off suddenly.

If so, just try to delete it and don’t download it. This also happens  when the phone experiences a state of increasing temperature. Realme restarts automatically if it’s hot to very cold. Also check if the mobile phone contains viruses or not. Yes, yes, it may be the cause.

Remove via anti virus apk. The case that occurs is also that the load is not optimal. There are several possible factors, the charger adapter or also on the cable. See also the ambient temperature. The effort corresponds to a piece of about 25 to 30 degrees. More than this temperature You can be sure of a long charge.

For other complaints, see in the section of the website, the full complaints have been explained. However, when all means are made and still constrained. Perhaps there is a serious problem. There is nothing wrong with just taking advantage of the Realme service center, there is a callme service service to make everything more convenient and easy.

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