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 Here’s how to Transfer Ovo to Gopay Easily

In this article, we will discuss how to transfer ovo to go pay easily, where there are several things  you need to pay attention to. In  today’s modern era, there are e-wallet   services that can help when transmitting, such as gopay, funds, etc.

In addition, using an e-wallet, there are  usually also many attractive offers such as discounts or promos compared to the use of cash.   Of course, today many people are switching to using e-wallets instead of cash.

Not only does it make it easier for users to transact,  you don’t even have to mind filling your wallet thickly just to pay  for groceries. As for simply bringing a smartphone or  debit card  , shopping becomes easier and more convenient. Therefore, know how to increase the ovo balance  to go pay below correctly.

Finding out What an E-Wallet is

Please note that e-wallets are  a  useful  service to help store the data of payment-related instruments or better known as alternative payment instruments today.   Almost all shopping centers and restaurants implement this electronic payment system  .

In addition to making it easier for consumers in the payment process, this method is quite effective because it  can have  quite high  security.  So, you don’t have to put so much cash into the cashier drawer.   With this e-wallet , your money  will  indirectly  be  secured by the Bank.

With this digital or electronic wallet, you just need to use cards and  e-money  to hold funds, and make transactions.  Generally, these digital wallets  are  more popular with the term e-wallet or e-wallet.   The use itself is able to make it easier for users to transact without cash.

As it is known, in Indonesia itself there are already several types of e-wallets that are widely used by the public including OVO Cash, Tcash, GO-PAY, DANA, and others.   In this   article, we will discuss how to transfer Ovo to Gopay easily.

The use of this e-wallet itself is  under the aegis  of Bank Indonesia so it is widely used every day. Each of these e-wallets certainly has its advantages   and disadvantages  depending on the user. There are  many things you  can get from e-wallets such as discounts, online promos, etc.

How to Transfer an OVO to a Gopay You Need to Know

When you want to move your Ovo balance  to Gopay, there are several things  you need to know. As for Ovo and Gopay accounts, both must have  verified  status  in order to make it easier for you when you want to  transfer your balance.  The method itself is very  easy  and does not make it that difficult for you as a  user.

If it hasn’t been verified, then you must first update  your account.   The method itself is quite easy, all it takes is  to  upload an ID card photo along with a selfie photo while holding the ID card.   Then, your Ovo Cash funds will be transferable to Gopay.   Here are  the ways to transfer Ovo to Gopay that need to  be considered included:

  1. Open and run the OVO application on your smartphone.
  2. Then click the “Transfer” button.
  3. Then, please enter the amount of funds you want to transfer.
  4. Klik on the “Gem Bank” option.
  5. Pthere is another process, fill in the account number of the destination to be transferred. Where you need to use the following format: 898 followed by the mobile phone number  registered on the  Gopay account  for example: 897085725678.
  6. After that, press the “Transfer” button.
  7. Then, press the “Confirm” button.
  8. When ready, wait a few minutes until a  pop up notification message appears on the mobile phone screen  stating that the transaction was successful.

If a pop-up notification appears stating that the transfer processis successful, then the balance on  your account will be immediately deducted  automatically.  After that,  the recipient only needs to verify whether the balance on the Gopay account has been entered.   If it has not been sent, users should immediately contact the OVO call centre.



How to transfer Ovo to Gopay is indeed very easy and hassle-free, so you can make good use  of  your e-wallet   without having to withdraw cash through the ATM.   What’s more, in this modern era,  there are  already many electronic payment systems available at every shopping mall, etc.

Some Terms in the Disbursement Process

Based  on the Ovo to Gopay transfer procedures  above, there are  several provisions in the fund transfer process that also need to be considered  . With regard to the execution  of  transfer  transactions , each user shall first become a  member of the Premier .

While in the transaction process, usually the time  given is quite short and can be less than a minute.   In addition, in the process  of transferring the balance ,  there  is usually  a minimum of IDR 10 thousand and it applies to all banks or your  account  .

So, you who have a balance of less than IDR 10 thousand cannot transfer your balance.  You must first add so that the transaction process  can  be  done immediately. As for mobile banking or ATM, you can increase your balance  easily, even GoPay.

Please note that the Ovo application  applied a minimum transfer of IDR only 10 thousand, so it  is certain that your balance is sufficient.   Not only that, there is also  a transfer fee that is charged on IDR 2500 per transaction.

You also  need  to ofhim if the Ovo points on your account cannot be transferred.   Because? This is because Ovo Point can only be used  to pay for food  , groceries, grab rides and grab cars only.   Therefore, many people make payments with Ovo cash to get cashback at Ovo Point.

Ovo point cannot be transferred to Gopay because  this is a reward or cashback that is  usually given after a payment  is made  through Ovo Cash.   Usually, the amount of Ovo points earned also  depends  on the promos available.

If you want to pay for groceries with Ovo points, but the balance is less,  you can add them with the help of Ovo Cash.   So  it can be concluded that how to transfer Ovo to Gopay is indeed very easy, but does not apply to Ovo Point transfers.

How long is  the Ovo  Balance Transfer Process and Fee Amount?

As it is known,  there  has been  a change in e-fectative since January 2020 ago, where OVO began to apply  a transfer fee to the bank of IDR 2,500 per transaction.  If they agreed, they gave an offer in the form of  a free  transfer  10 times  to any  bank without a minimum balance.

Although  there is  currently  a transfer fee  per transaction, this transfer  fee  is very  cheap  compared to  conventional banks, which is IDR 6,500.   Aside from how to transfer Ovo to Gopay which is relatively easy, the transfer fee is also very affordable.

Moreover, how to transfer to Gopay himself is very easy, where the p roses delivery to Gopay is  very  short  even less than a minute.   Don’t worry  if you use  this  application to process  transactions  or transfer money between different banks.

If  your  Ovo account still has a lot of balance, but you have to buy using Gopay, then don’t worry.   Based on the above information  , regarding how to transfer Ovo to Gopay, it is hoped that it can help you not get confused anymore if you want to buy when the Gopay balance  is  empty.

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