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Stanley Black and Decker Service Center in Indonesia

Are you looking for information about the location of the Stanley Black and Decker Service Center in Indonesia? Since its creation in 2014, PT. Stanley Black and Decker has opened several showrooms in major cities, including Jakarta, Surabaya, Bandung and others.

The company was originally two different brands, namely “The Stanley Works” and “Black & Decker”. They eventually collaborated to become ‘Stanley Black & Decker’ since 2010. The company provides the needs for industrial equipment, power tools and various accessories.

Not only in Indonesia, the black & decker name has gone global and is even awarded the title of the world’s leading equipment manufacturing company with sales profits reaching more than $7 billion each year. Some of its popular brand names such as Facom, Porter Cable, Usag, Vidmar, DeWalt and many others.

In order to satisfy consumers, the tooling company has Black and Decker service centers almost everywhere in Indonesia. The Tersebut service centre  provides the most complete range of spare parts needs. Well, this review We are going to discuss the black and decker service center, let’s see!

Overview of PT Stanley Black et Decker

Stanley Black and Decker provides a range of innovative equipment and solutions to do the job of consumers. Abroad, this company has been established since 1843 and later expanded to Indonesia.  Householdappliances, automobiles, infrastructure, households and others are provided by Stanley Black and Decker.

The Black + Decker brand itself is very popular among Indonesian consumers in terms of product quality. In keeping with the company’s commitment, they continue to strive to provide endless innovation in order to meet the diverse needs of consumers. Black and Decker also manufactured various industrial tools for infrastructure construction.

The company’s vision and mission is to provide the best services and solutions based on consumer needs. In addition, ‘Black & Decker’ is filled by a team of professionals in their fields, they are uncompromisingly very enthusiastic about performance, innovation, customer satisfaction and social responsibility.

Daftar Black and Decker Service Center di Indonésie

Indonesia has several Black and Decker service centers that you can visit, even almost all areas are available. Pt. Stanley Black and Decker collaborates with several companies in Indonesia to provide service centers.

The following is a list of addresses and phone numbers of Black and Decker service centers  : (reported on the official website of Black and Decker Indonesia)

  1. Jakarta
  2. DYAS MARTO PERKASA, Adresse: (Ruko Cikema Pabuaran Jl. Raya Jakarta Bogor KM. 41 RT 1/5 Pabuaran Cibinong, Bogor Tel: (62) 21-8760999 / 8745810
  3. MINYAK ANGGUR JAYA USAHA, Adresse: Ruko The Walk No 12 JKT Garden City Cakung Jaktim Tel: (62) 858-8555-5052
  4. TOKO MULTI MULYA TEKNIK, Adresse: Jl. Raya Cibarusah No 15/16 Sukaresmi, Tel: (62) 21-8971822
  5. TRIT INDONESIA, Adresse: Ruko The Prominence 38E No.41 Tel: (62) 21-2977-956
  6. SEMESTA JAYA KIMIA, Adresse: Jl. Gajah Mada No 50, Krukut, Taman Sari, Jakbar
  7. MITRA TEKNIK ELEKTRIND, Adresse: Complex Ruko Glodok Plaza Blok A No. 15 Taman Sari Glodok Jakbar
  8. Semesta Jaya Kimia, Adresse: Jl. Bahagia No.17, RT.6/RW.1, Taman Sari, West Jakarta
  9. PERKAKASKU MULTI CEMERLANG, Adresse: Jl. Jend. Ahmad Yani 350 Bandung, West Java, Tel: (62) 22-7271396
  10. QUEENLAB INDONESIA, Adresse: Jl. Cicukang No. 122, Mekar Rahayu, Margaasih, Bandung, Tel: (62) 22-54417746
  11. Banten
  12. TRIT INDONESIA, Adresse: Perumnas Grand Cilegon Residence, Cluster Bougenvile JL. Heleconia 2A No. 14, Cilegon, Tél. : (62) 819-0870-1811
  13. Yogyakarta
  14. SUPERMARCHÉ MATAHARI JAYA BUILDING MATERIALS, Adresse: Jl. Parangtritis KM. 4 No. 301, Bangunharjo, Sewon, Bantul, Bricolage
  15. SUPERMARCHÉ BUILDING MATERIALS BJ HOME, Adresse: Jl. Raya Janti Ring Road Timur No. 96 Kanoman
  16. Surabaya
  17. RTT POWER INDONESIA, Adresse: Jln Rungkut Industri Raya 1 Ruko Section One Blok B7, Tel: (62) 31-99851059
  18. SEMESTA JAYA KIMIA, Adresse: Jalan Bubutan No. 16 – 22 Kav/G Kel. Alun-Alun Contong, Lathe, Tel: (62) 31-5355861
  19. Stanley Dewalt Experience Hub & Authorized Service Center, Adresse: Jl. Margomulyo No.41A, Greges, Asemrowo, SBY, East Java

Address Black and Decker di Luar Jawa Service Center

Not only in Java, but Black and Decker Service Center is also available outside of Java. On the island of Sumatra, there are only three service centers, namely in Lampung, Riau and Medan. For more details on the address of the location, you can check out the official Black and Decker page which is equipped with information about the phone number.

While on the island of Kalimantan, there is only one Black and Decker service center in Samarinda, precisely on Jl. Gatot Subroto No.62-68 (PT. SUBUR MAKMUR BANGUNAN) with the telephone number (62) 541-201384. Considering that the development on this island is quite high,  it is not possible for the service center to be added to other places.

For those of you who live in Sulawesi, Black and Decker Service Center is located at Toko Pelita Indah which is located at Jl. MT Haryono No.95D-E Kendari Sulteng, Tel: (62) 401-3196605. In addition, it is also in the JL zone. Sultan Hassanudin No. 5 BauBau – Buton Island under PT. RAY BUILDING PARTNER IZZIE HOME.

In the future, there could be more and more Black and Decker service centers that you can find in almost every region of Indonesia. In addition, the needs of the Indonesian people for tooling are also increasing. This can be seen by the growing number of industries present in the country.

Informasi Contac Center Black and Decker Indonésie

In addition to discussing the locations of the Black & Decker service center, also know the contact number that can be contacted. For example, when you need information about the tools or locations of the nearest center that meet your needs, you can contact the number 62 855 7467 9105 with opening hours from Monday to Friday from 08:30 to 17:00.

You can also contact Black and Decker customer service via its official WhatsApp at +1 210 714 2756. By contacting via WhatsApp, you will not be charged any phone fees. You can ask for various things including about products such as power tools, automotive + electronics, hand tools, pressure washers, accessories, lawn + garden, paint and others.

As additional information, some time ago, SBD collaborated with PT Bintang Wistar Kencana to establish a large showroom in Semarang, Central Java. The service center here is not only used for the purchase of equipment, but also serves the service of your Black & Decker products. The full address is on Jl. Pengapon No.15, Rejomulyo, Semarang.

Above, we have provided information about the shops that sell and showrooms of Black and Decker Indonesia. You can purchase various industrial tools and needs at the service center. This may be all we can say about the Black and Decker Service Center in Indonesia and I hope it will be useful for readers.

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