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Dukcapil West Java L Complete Services  for Community Needs

The use of the  various  services  provided by the West Java dukcapil is certainly important for the community.   Each resident should  definitely be recorded in detail as the color of the state for the needs of the state archives. From there, he will be clearly known about rights and obligations as an Indonesian citizen.

During state life  on the territory, obviously everyone wants to achieve a level of well-being as a resident.  In addition, the province is one of the most populous regions in Indonesia.   Since  it  is close to the centre of the country’s government , the province should  pay special attention to its population.

So far, population  data   will show what  the level of  community  well-being  is  like based on various aspects.   If all the obligations have been fulfilled,  the rights of the people will certainly also  be achieved  without discrimination.   In fact, there are many interests and needs so that they must be met in order to increase the standard of living of the people.

In this discussion, it  will be explained about the profile of the population in the  West Java dukcapil  area.  The following data will  also  help all elements become easier to control by the government  as intended. For the sake of the common interest, he is certainly able to form achievements that can be enjoyed by the community  and the government.

Population Growth   in the West Java Region

At the time of calculating the number of established residents in a region, the census program became the main way.   The government always launches the programme  every year in order to understand  the number of people in their entirety.   It has been a long time since the  population  census  could be used as a precise counting method  throughout the year.

When you see a  significant increase in the number  of people,  it can  certainly  be used to make strategic policies.   Therefore, the way the census is conducted is also focused  on  accurate collection of data from home to house.  Using this method,  it can be known in detail about  people’s  data  based on gender groups.


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According to data recorded at the West Java duke office, male sex  was recorded in 25,265,315 people.   Meanwhile, on the female  sex  date  , there were 24,670,543 people with less comparison.   In total,  49,935,858 people were included in the civil register through the census program.

The data  is  the result of a census program in 2020, thus showing the latest population figures.   Given the diversity of people’s backgrounds  in this region, it can certainly be used as a government  plan.   Each policy strategy should be able to target all groups  of  people in order to safeguard the value of justice.

Public service facilities should  also be provided as well as possible in order to provide the best impact according to people’s needs.   As long as there are services from the government  in the best  possible way,  it will  surely be able to embrace  all groups well.   As long as  your  data  is recorded in the  census program  by the government , you will certainly be more comfortable in society.

Most Complete Types of Services by Government Agencies

Throughout the life of the state, it is certain that every citizen cannot be separated from the management of  the West Java  dukcapil .   All citizens must have  an identity that is officially and legally registered  on government data.   This has become  an  obligation if you live in a country .

There are several functions for recording  citizens » data through the service in charge of things .   Starting from education, employment, insurance, and almost all  other aspects  will be data-related.  The reason is, this data has a function that  shows that you are  a resident with official status.

The first example  related to service  in the governmental system is the collection of data for the purpose of having an identity card.  This identity is mandatory for all orang  with a minimum age of 17 years as  a  criterion.  Starting from the ownership of  an ID card, it can later  be used to take care of many other necessary things.

In order to get an ID card, you must definitely register  with full data through  the  West Java dukcapil service.  But that’s not  all  type  of service from the service because the focus is so much.  Another example  is data collection in order to obtain special assistance for the programme from the government according to  certain criteria.

Through management on this issue, you’ll enjoy  programs specifically targeting certain groups.   This means, at least you need a personal identity to be officially enrolled in population affairs as soon as possible.   Guaranteed,  it  will feel more comfortable if things with the government have been completed for  special  benefits.

Can Handle E-KTP and Other Data Online

After technological  advances  are becoming increasingly modern,  West Java’s   dukcapil office  is also trying to improve its quality.   Especially quality in public services, it will be focused on sophisticated systems to help people’s needs.   Real evidence can be seen by the online  system  by relying on the internet to take care of various needs.

Thanks to the presence of the internet , you do not always have to visit the official office  if it can be done online.   The help of these facilities has been proven to make community activities easier and more flexible.   There is  no doubt that the government’s goal in relation to this innovation is effective and efficient services.

The reason is, a very high population should have the potential to cause massive needs all the time.    If you are able to realize online services, it will definitely make you more comfortable without having to make mobility.   Even from home, several things have to be completed because they are equipped with sophisticated systems via the internet.

An example of a service from West Java dukcapil to be done online is the submission of an E-KTP.   For submissions,  the completion of the form can be reached through internet facilities so that  there  is no need to  queue long.   From there, there have been  major changes to support the well-being  of people  starting  with the service.

For newlywed married couples, of course,  they can take care of the family card easily.  Therefore,  it was guaranteed that later it would be more practical to  receive services to take care of important things.   In a sense, you don’t have to be sad and complicated in the application period for services  as needed.

The reporting system can help the service get better

Since the existence of a  full and integrated type of service,  all  conveniences can be acquired by several parties.     Whether it’s the community or the government, the online system  can be used as well as possible during working time.  In addition, there is a   special service to be used to  report various types of complaints.

Through a service program called Lapor, you can use the system to convey suggestions and criticism.   In general,  criticism can be given  if you feel there is a lack of services from the government. On the other hand  , the Report  programme is  also used as a means to deliver suggestions if there is input.

Of course, any form of criticism and advice from the population is able to help  West Java dukcapil improve its quality.   Given  this type of two-way interaction and communication,  there is no doubt that changes will emerge.   The hope of the existence  of the online  system  certainly makes residents reluctant to express their personal opinions.

The Lapor application and website can be used for a full 24 hours, so you can access it more  easily.  All forms of input will be used as an effort to  change it to make the service more excellent.   If you are able to realize all people’s needs, it will  definitely  become more comfortable for all parties.

From now on,  there is nothing to worry about since the latest system  on government civil registry service.   All services can be accessed practically  supported  by internet technology  and ensure data security.   In this way,  all communities within the scope of the  West Java dukcapil area  are guaranteed to be able to enjoy the most complete facilities.

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