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How to register a Grabfood driver or trader to make business easier

Many people ask  , how to register a grabfood driver or merchant for a managed business. We know that grab currently  has services  related to transportation, goods and culinary business.   The existence of several types of devices grabfood is the most popular  business and  is always in search of many entrepreneurs.

If  you have a culinary business with a unique and exclusive menu, it would be better  to join  a member specifically designed for food.   Some of the advantages can be in such a  simple way.   In addition, business is also easier to know for many people.   To make its development faster and more measurable.

It can be said that due to the fact that food customers can easily enjoy all the food only through their smartphones.   as for the cost, it was adapted to the pocket of the client without any losses.   Interested in grabfood?   First of all, understand some of the advantages and advantages of joining the development of such a promising business.

Why do you have to log in to Grabfood

Understanding how to enroll in a grabfood driver or trader is as meaningful  as  opening up the opportunity to develop a managed business.  The first reason  is that it has a wide range of applications . At first, the company really needs a good introduction.  being part of the grabfood allows many people  to know your food , as there  is a particular program.

Some people have their own way to make it easier for their customers. Among the steps is the delivery order.  You will receive  this condition  if you join the grab. Because business owners need to be provided with food only according to the choice of the customer.   In addition, the driver will directly escort him  to the destination.

Everyone will want the maximum amount of profit.  Being part of grabfood, especially for traders,  is the right solution for making a profit.   Even this profit can be doubled above the usual  conditions.   All this must also  be supplemented with a quality culinary menu  , which  can be accepted by  all people.

When you know how to register for a grabfood driver or trader, it means that you open up opportunities for free promotions. We understand that advertising really costs a lot of money.  It’s different when you’re already a member of grabfood.   All kinds of  culinary forms can be advertised for free, as they were included in the grab application.

How to register to become a Grabfood driver

Grabfood’s driver’s or merchants’ list fig  is  basically  almost the same as  that of other  services.   As we know, grab has several special services. One of the attractions is the driver. Because it’s easier to take advantage of customer points or advice. Also supplements the knowledge of food.

How to register a grabfood driver or  trader, preparing requirements before  registering. Among them are motorcycles, driver’s licenses and identity cards. If all the conditions are set and ready for use, you actually met all the conditions of the enterprise. Another thing you need to pay attention to is the  year of exit of the engine.   Try to use a motorcycle at least in 2010.

When all the needs are identified, you should simply visit the management in the relevant regions. To make  it easier, it is also necessary to prepare a photo of selfies and support the new version of the mobile phone.   These two needs will certainly help future drivers  get an official ID from Grab so they can be used immediately.

It should be noted that  the way to register a grabfood driver or trader  , affects your performance. Because you have to give preference to maximum service to all customers.  Do not let them be disappointed in the service you provide. It is important to get extra points.  Every  customer satisfaction is the key to the driver’s profit.

Essentials must be provided if you want to be part of Grabfood Merchant

How to register for a grabfood driver or merchant, you definitely need to prepare.   Especially for merchants, there are a number of requirements, for example, the completeness of the place  of business  and   the  identity card  of the culinary owner.  These rarities include the name of the restaurant, its location, the contact person, even if there is  an email.   Meanwhile, KTP  is useful as a grab data collection when something happens later.

Another  condition is NPWP and swaphoto.  This N PWP is needed by anyone orangers who run a business or business. Because it becomes a sign , that they always pay taxes regularly .  Meanwhile, swaphoto, or better known as  a selfie  , is used as a condition that will be uploaded during the registration process.

How to register for a grabfood driver or merchant  , there must also be a photo of a restaurant or business place.   That is, some of them must be taken clearly, for example ,   a  photo facing forward, especially if there  is a special logo, it must contain it  .  But if it  is not there, then it also does not cause problems.

The main thing is to include a  list of presented menus or foods.   take a photo, then upload it along with the registration time. To satisfy customers, you should use images without compromising the content.  That is, the photo and reality are the same so that buyers do not feel disappointed.   As a result, they will certainly become regular customers of your stand.

When logging in, pay attention to some additional needs

Knowing how to register for a grabfood driver or merchant, you need to take into account a number of additional needs , namely those related to the location of the restaurant itself.   Mark the location or location, even if possible , before the list by coordinate using GPS  services.   Subsequently, this is useful when drivers visit the place of business.

Marking coordinates with Google Maps  is actually easy.   This is to open the application on your mobile phone, then see the point of your managed food business location.   Once you find it, push the red pin ,  until the word fallen pin appears on your handbag.   Continue by clicking on all the information on the left side of the bottom corner.

In addition to coordinates or local points,  it is necessary  to  pay attention to the calculation of the turnover of the kitchen, as well as to the taxes that need to be spent on the rkan.   There are two types of food here , namely simple food and expensive taxable types.   If the type of sale is cheap, write down the  initial price so that customers  are  charged only with shipping costs for the use of drivers.

However, if the cost of food is relatively expensive and requires a tax burden.  Then  an additional fee is charged to the buyer in the form of a tax fee. This is one in total   when  you order food.   Thus, they will receive 2 additional costs, firstly,  shipping costs, and secondly, taxes on food .

You want to be a partner, here are the steps

Being a grabfood partner is now very promising both in terms of advertising and sales turnover.   It is necessary to know several steps, the first is to carry out the initial registration.   food business owners at this stage must enter their personal name, restaurant, email address and phone number.   After that, there is an authentication code that must be entered.

If the grabfood driver or list of traders is successful, grab will check the validity of the data  and send the results  to your email.   Mail. Open the validation results email. Then proceed with the registration, as this stage is the path to the grab site.  In addition, at the next stage it  also gets a  useful form.

After that, the next stage is to fill out the form and arrange the schedule for selling the restaurant.  Carefully  and carefully fill in all the data, making sure that everything is filled correctly.   don’t forget to include the restaurant’s sales schedule or hours .   The meaning should be a clear time of business service  .   because it  affects the customer’s ordering process.

Pada  the last stage, enter the available culinary menu and add a photo in it as an attraction for customers.   Once everything is done, click OK  to complete the registration.   If you sign up for a grabfood driver or merchant, grab will provide a message as a sign that the service is ready to use.

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