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The Berserk series is a dark fantasy comic written and illustrated by Kentaro Miura.

Independent contractor number one, Guts & Guts

One mercenary and Griffith, head of the mercenary outfit Band of the Hawk,

are the protagonists and antagonists, respectively, in this tragic tale of mercenaries.

The setting of the narrative is a utopian realm in the afterlife that resembles medieval Europe.

The novel is packed with concepts about belonging and isolation.

There’s the issue of whether or not humans have inherent good or evil tendencies.

because it addresses the positive and negative aspects of human nature.

The sexual and violent content of the anime and manga is well-known.

Cruel and twisted manga
As a starting point, the Hawks are hailed as heroes for their role in ending the century-long

conflict that has been going on for a long time and is producing problems in the state of Mid

Don’t leave the island until Guts has left the group.

should follow his own path and stop trying to please other people. But Griffith is sad since he can’t assume the throne.

After spending a year behind bars for his inability to cope with his wife’s loss, Griffith turns to alcohol.

pursuing Charlotte, the king’s daughter. Griffith was spared death because of a courageous act that assisted the remaining Hawks members just before they were expelled.

Griffith has become a mute, lifeless shadow of his former self. Griffith’s looks has undergone significant transformation since then.

gravely hurt Having learned the location of his corpse, Griffith is distraught.

Because of all the things he has on his mind, he delivers the behelit to his buddy by mistake.

With this piece of information in hand, the Hawks go to a parallel universe and come face to face with four archdemons from the God Hand who are assisting the Eclipse.

The elderly souls advise Griffith to hand up his troops to the apostles.

who, like Zodd, are willing to sacrifice humanity and the people they care about in order to get access to the God Hand’s absolute power.

At some point, Griffith may be able to achieve his goals.

In doing so, he assumes the role of leader and only remaining member of the God Hand.

The mysterious Skull Knight rescues Guts and his loved one Casca from certain death.

As a soldier, he witnesses the horrible deaths of his comrades.

Unfortunately, Guts still has to see his comrades killed in action. Intestines lost an eye and an arm, while Casca went insane when Griffith’s reincarnation, Femto, assaulted Griffith sexually.

Miura published the first Berserk comic in 1988.

Understanding Farnese of the

Unfortunately for Guts, he runs across the Holy Iron Chain Knights of the Holy See Church.

corrections culminating in Griffith’s

learning one’s own anatomy. Griffith forms a new Band of the Hawk.

, Zodd, and the rest of the Apostles to do his bidding.

Courage enlists C

With the support of his new companions, asca made his way to Elfhelm, the elves’ home.

No matter what, the Ushan invasion, according to Griffith, must be halted. a decisive moment in the decline of the Kushan Empire

as well as the blending of religious and secular

An ecological sphere’s boundary is the

Griffith, a dissident apostle, and the Kushan empire were at odds.

Griffith confidently seizes control of Midland with the backing of the Pope and Princess Charlotte.

from issues caused by both good and harmful influences. With the increasing threat to public safety in Midland,

He also constructs Falconia, a city that is afterwards destroyed by mysterious beasts.

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